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High Yield Bonds

Trading room. Timmy and Nicky NotKatt still discuss the fucked-up order; Nicky NotKatt correctly takes the blame. Donna comes over and ruins everything, telling Timmy that Nicky's a kid from the streets without an MBA and Giancarlo's looking to can him anyway. Blah blah blah It's-A-Hard-Knock-Life-cakes. Okay, Nicky's fucked up twice in two episodes. Doesn't look like those street smarts really carry over into the trading world. If I were Giancarlo, I would have fired him faster than you can say Buggin' Out.

Perfume party. The scent is called Erogenous and it looks like the worst party in the world. There are a couple caterers and about ten extras standing around looking bored as Eyebrows asks TES what his personal philosophy is, because she heard that some traders have, like, their own mantras. I know what TES's mantra is: Be Dull, Ruin Everything. She distractedly keeps asking him questions about the firm, playing innocent as he talks about how the firm likes to take risky bets, and I'm really starting to wonder what's going to come first: TES realizes he's being played, or Fox cancels The $treet. Now there's a risky bet.

Restaurant. The Rocke-who is walking out, telling Dan Hedaya, "I'm not a hooker you can rent out for the evening." Wait, but you just played one. I'm getting all confused. I'm having a The Rocke-who overdose. Now I'll just have to rent Mullholand Falls and it'll really send me into a tailspin. ["Please, for the love of God, stay away from Higher Learning." -- Wing Chun] Dan Hedaya apologizes, stuttering and saying that he's ashamed of himself, but still staring at her tits the whole time and then saying, "All right, how about just the left one?" He finally says that there's no way he's switching firms: "It's too much work." She gets all crafty and gives the sweaty man staring at her boobies her patented "fuck me" eyes and suggests that they "drive for it." He says that he's not going to transfer "two-billion dollars" over a golf game. Her upper lip has grown sweaty too -- the Hedaya gaze can do that to a girl. She tells him that they just do longest drive at a driving range, "two out of three." He smiles after her.

Oh yeah, this subplot. Man, there are more storylines here than an episode of The Love Boat. So the Strings of Comedic Lovemaking play as Patty and Rickman rip their clothes off in the bedroom. I always feel bad when a person is referred to as something like "a pig" -- I feel bad for the actor sent out on that call. So that is sort of keeping me from enjoying this subplot. But anyway, Patty rips his shirt open, pushing him down on the bed and jumps on him. Rickman smacks her ass. Hee.

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