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Forbidden sex room. They're done, I guess, and Leelee says that she should go find her father. She gets dressed, and tells him that she should go alone. They kiss through her veil as she thanks him and leaves.

Hallway. Goldberg sees Father and Leelee. Father says that they'll be seeing a lot of each other since he's going to oversee Father's investments. Father adds, "One thing I must tell you. You touch her, I will kill you." They laugh nervously. "I'm kidding..." he adds. "Not." Ooh, busting out the Wayne's World references. That's some hip sampling, writing crew.

Alex brings The Rocke-who a drink and they talk about their Christmas plans. The Rocke-who is going to a cabin with her parents...where she'll do everything but hang out with them. Alex asks her if God invented men, why they are so dense. She talks about TES suggesting she go on her honeymoon, and Eyebrows busts in and says that she should indeed go on the honeymoon. She starts talking about a certain cabana boy in the Caymans that will help her forget TES. She gets sensitive, talking about how she knows a break-up is hard, but depression disappears at the beach. Ooh, Eyebrows angling for the invite. Them together at the beach...Man, I knew I should have become a cabana boy like I wanted to. Stupid school counselor.

Bathroom. Jennie Garth drags Nicky NotKatt into the bathroom and asks him about the Stockholm Syndrome (hostage begins to sympathize with captor -- kinda like my growing weird affection for this show). They go into a stall and she says, "I don't have to pee, silly." Man, that chick can turn a phrase like a chef flippin' a flapjack. They kiss some more until she asks Nicky for a "bill." Despite Nicky NotKatt having grown up on the streets, he suspects nothing as he hands her a twenty and she takes out some coke. "Do you want to go first?" she asks. Nicky gives a look like he totally would but he's got this really big...oh shut up.

Downstairs. Goldberg and TES walk, Goldberg announcing that sex with the Saudi virgin was very good. Alex stops them and tells Alex she needs the confirmation code for the rental car. "Are you serious?" TES says, before handing it over. I hope she has sex with half the wait staff in the Caymans, while TES eats a Hungry Man turkey dinner and watches When Harry Met Sally... for the fifteenth time, but, you know, just because it happened to be on. She wishes them a Merry Christmas and Goldberg says, "A Salaam Alekum." "A Salaam Alekum," she replies. Wrong. Ha.

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