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Street. A close-up on an extra's Post reveals something about the airlines being on strike. Then to Eyebrows, who talks on the phone to some "Max," complaining that she doesn't care if their Jamaica trip is now fucked, and that tomorrow when the market closes she wants to take a cab to the airport and get on a plane to somewhere "obscenely hot and sweaty." Well, tomorrow you will be on a plane, but back to Los Angeles for auditions. TES stops Alex in the street and tells her that he can't get his money back for the hotel room they had booked for their honeymoon to the Cayman Islands. She thinks he's asking her to pay half but instead he suggests she take her sister or something and use the trip as the vacation that she obviously needs. She can't believe what a douchebag he is (how does she not know this by now?) to suggest she go on her honeymoon alone. She says that they're beyond the point where he should be worrying about what's right for her. He whines as he's never whined before, "Cut me a break, Al. I'm just trying to do something nice heeeeere." She follows him, saying that she just found out her mother forgot to tell her side of the family that the nuptials are off and so she doesn't feel like going on a holiday to make him feel less guilty about calling off the wedding. TES dicks, "I don't feel guilty about anything. I feel fine." Alex, who has been infected by the whine-monster too, (and probably somehow deserves it for having fallen in love with such a jackass fuckface in the first place), says that he should go on the honeymoon if he feels so great. Eyebrows butts in and says hello. They walk into the building. Shot of Santa. Yeah, I don't know either.

Coat room? Rickman tells TES that he heard corporate finance is getting "$700" for their bonuses, so they should be getting at least that, right? TES reminds him about an airline merger that gave them a huge late payday. "Oh right, bite me," says Rickman, wincing, I guess, because of his balls. Or just because of having to do a scene with TES. The Rocke-who strolls by, and tells TES that she discovered an old email she'd overlooked from Giancarlo which says that she's in charge of the "New Hire Choir," and what's that about? TES tells her that the trainees put on a show every year at the Christmas party...which is tomorrow. Oops. Rickman helpfully tells her that even if she had a month to prepare, she'd never beat last year's show, which was a musical with original score and a sheep. She freaks, leaves, and then we find out Rickman was just lying to freak her out. Ah shit. The one thing I'm sad about the show not continuing, aside from not getting to watch Rickman and sometimes Alex, is that the opportunity for Rickman and The Rocke-who to get together is gone. Damn, that would have been a beautiful thing. Rickman winces and grabs his Sacker. TES tells him to call a doctor already; he insists he's fine. "Obviously," blahs TES. "Oh, shut the fuck up, bitch," says Stee.

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