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Commercials. Okay, this is pretty sad. The first spot is for Schick Xtreme III and features Andre Agassi. I guess Eyebrows's husband begged his friend to put a spot on The $treet to at least kick up a little revenue. With their ratings, I'm surprised the ads aren't for Joe's Pizza and Sushi, and Beeper City. It would be sad if it wasn't so, well, funny.

So Eyebrows is on the phone with "Max," chiding him for suggesting Vail. She tells him to try again. She heads to the conference room where Giancarlo wants everyone to make sure their vacation info is given to Donna, so that he can ruin their holidays with his dandy ways if need be. Next, The Rocke-who tells the trainees, who all have to stand during meetings, that if they have any special skills, "singing, dancing, tuba, whatever," they should let her know...and that rehearsal is early the next morning and mandatory.

Hallway. Nicky NotKatt, who has just returned from his pointless art trip with Jennie Garth, tells the boys that he has a date with her that night. When Timmy-Fell-Down-A-Well asks them to shut up, saying that they're talking about his sister, Rickman says, "Yeah, I bet you had some sick fantasies about her growing up." One: nasty. And two: well, yeah, probably.

Kitchen. TES lights the Hannukah moral center as he asks White Trader and Black Trader to kick in part of their bonuses to give to Nicky NotKatt. White Trader says that they're already paying for Nicky's shitty trades in their lower bonuses so fuck you TES, no. Black Trader says, "Sorry, man." Fox is down with the lingo, yo.

Trading room. Nicky heads out on his date, wondering why Rickman isn't at his doctor's appointment. "All right, will you just get your head out of my crotch and pay attention, please," says Rickman. He goes on to advise Nicky to be mean and obnoxious to Jennie Garth, considering it's their first date, and that if she still likes him afterward, that he's "golden." Nicky asks if that's what Rickman did. "Learn from my mistakes," he deadpans. The failure TES slides back into Giancarlo's office announcing that he wants to give Nicky NotKatt half his bonus -- that as traders they all help each other with tips and such and la la la. He goes on and on and I think Giancarlo shows considerable restraint by not shoving his Palm Pilot in TES's eye. When Giancarlo says he can't, that's it's firm policy, TES whine/shouts, "You set firm policy." Dude, if I ran that place, TES would be selling falafels on lower Broadway by Christmas, all yelling at me and shit. Giancarlo goes onto say that the checks have been cut and so if TES wants to give him half, he'll have to do it directly. Again with the whining, "I can't do that. It would offend him." Giancarlo goes on to shock the world (by "world," I mean the few thousand viewers) by saying he has to get home soon or his wife will kill him. Or maybe they just call each other "wife."

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