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Later on in the evening, Ron's playing pool when Traci comes up and wants to play with him. Furthermore, she wants to make a bet: if she beats him, he has to flash her the goods. If he beats her, she has to show her bowling balls. Traci admits in a confessional that she doesn't really have to win, and feels that if she badgers the guy long enough about his penis, he'll eventually whip it out, because everyone with an internet connection has already seen it. Ron really wants to see a new boobie, because it's been almost two days since he saw a fresh breast. He wins, and Traci refuses to flash him. He starts hounding her about welshing on a bet, and she hands him one of her 8x10 promo photos, which shows some cleavage. He hands it back to her and asks her to line his turtle's cage with the photo. He chuckles to himself.

Tammy Faye and Trishelle are bonding outside, while Tammy Faye swings in a porch swing and Trishelle slurs incoherently. Tammy Faye admits in a confessional that she really likes Trishelle, while Trishelle admits that she would have never done another show like The Real World unless it was the same cast as The Real World Vegas, but that this has been fun so far. Tammy Faye thinks Trishelle is cool. Trishelle thinks Tammy Faye needs to get drunk and fuck her ass off. Gosh. Gotta love those crazy alkies!

Bonding over a late-night snack in the kitchen, Ron's asking Ice if they were outside in the yard playing Frisbee, and they both caught Tammy Faye through a window out of the corner of their eye changing her clothes, would Ice (a) sneak a peek at her to determine if her boobs were real; (b) stare at her; (c) be a gentleman and not look; or (d) none of the above. Ice refuses to answer, because he's trying to eat and can't stomach even thinking about checking out Tammy's fun bags. Meanwhile, Traci's doing her confessional and saying that everything's a challenge, but that if the cast members stick together, they can conquer anything. And then she reminds us that she has to go to bed so that she can get up and go to work the next day -- for the entire day -- and get the hell away from these people.

In upcoming episodes: Ron kisses Tammy Faye. Tammy Faye cries. Traci gets even meaner. Trishelle makes out with Andy Dick. Todd Bridges raises hell in a diner. Everyone gets naked, and Tammy Faye cries some more. Television doesn't get any better than this, kiddies.

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