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Softball; Pre-Wedding Jitters

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Softball; Pre-Wedding Jitters

In an interview, Corey admits that he feels alienated from the group and has had some tense moments with other members of the cast. He thinks that maybe it's time to ponder certain circumstances in which he's been involved in during the last week and whether it was more him or the others who are responsible for the mounting tension. We're then shown a quick recap of Corey's Most Ignorant Moments, including the vegetarian argument with Gabby, the argument on the bus with Gabby, and the infamous poop debate with Hammer. Corey decides he wants to turn all these negatives into a positive, but he has to figure out a way to do that first. Hammer's interview admits that the tensions with Corey are reaching a crescendo and that maybe it's time he stood up and showed them the real Corey Feldman. Meanwhile, Corey's looking over his list of invites and silently crying as tears land on the pages of hastily scrawled notes that Susie had written. And now we return to the Hallmark Holiday Classic Corey Feldman Is a Giant Gaping Ass on the WB.

We come back from commercials and Hammer's asking Gabby how to work the washer. They both seem to be having problems with it. Hammer turns a dial, and we see an image of all the lights in all the homes across California going out as Hammer says, "What happened to the lights?" Amusing, but out of place for this episode. I would have much rather watched Corey squeeze out some more fake tears while propped up on the toilet with a syringe dangling from the crook of his elbow.

Next week, the season finale. Corey's wearing Prince's duds, circa "Purple Rain." We'll have a rapping Reverend and some massive cleavage from the bride. Hef shows up with his bevy of beauties front and center and there's even more hacking and wheezing from Corey. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they gave us a twist at the end and Corey was dying from some mysterious disease?! I'm sure this goofy sack of shit wouldn't object to being injected with some sort of Ebola virus if it meant his Q rating might climb a couple of notches.

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