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Vegas; Church

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Vegas; Church

Back on the bus, Vince says that what happened in that church was a life-changing experience, and that he was all weepy in there. Gabby is still bawling like Corey when he gets those $4 royalty checks. Gabby says that she doesn't ever want to say goodbye to these people because the seven of them have become such good friends. Hammer says through tears that it'll be a sad day when they all have to say goodbye. Then everyone looks at Corey at the same time and bursts out laughing. Except for Corey, who once again hangs his head in shame.

Next week, it's "Pimpin' For Brande" as the cast is on a quest to find a date for a Playboy model. That should take all of thirty seconds. Maybe they'll fill the rest of the episode with Vince moments from Vegas, like the much-ballyhooed moment where he told a fan to get the f-word away from him. I guess it'd be hard to cry for Vince after seeing him abuse a fan. I dunno. I'm tired. Go away. Come back next week when I've had more sleep.

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