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Vegas; Church

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Vegas; Church

Brande says in an interview that she and the other girls couldn't hear Vince go off on the driver because they were in the back of the bus having hot lesbian sex. Or they were getting ready -- one or the other. Sometimes I hear what I wanna hear. While Vince is screeching, Corey freaks out and decides that the best thing to do in this situation is to go and rustle up the women and bring them to the front of the bus in hopes that this would magically calm Vince down. With that kind of reasoning, you have no choice but to agree with me when I say that Corey is one brain-dead little fart. I can understand if all three came out totally nude and gave Vince a lapdance. That might take away some of the stress and fill up the hot-lesbian-sex quota that I constantly have in my head whenever I see Jerri and Brande together. But failing that, Corey's just compounding the issue, and needs a compounding of his skull for doing so. Anyway, he runs back to the back of the bus screaming, "We need you guys out here right now!" like the bus is on fire. By the time the women make it to the front of the bus, Vince is calm, cool, and relaxed. My guess is that the driver shot him with an elephant tranquilizer gun because Vince was flung off that mood swing quicker than you can say "We need you guys out here right now!"

For some reason, at this point, Gabby begins to perceive Corey as a drama queen, which really hurts him deeply. I have no idea what's gotten into the Gabber. I'd chalk it up to PMS, but the whole "white suit" kinda counteracts that theory. Corey -- sensing an altercation where he's about to get his ass handed to him by a soccer mom -- takes a cue from Vince, turns to the cameraman, and tells him to turn off the camera. In one of the funniest moves of the show so far, the cameraman just keeps rolling. When Vince talks, cameramen listen. When Corey talks, they shoot him a bird and keep filming. What a babbling cock machine. Gabby says that everyone's always waiting on Corey and that Corey causes the most friction of everyone in the group. At this point, we flash to Corey by a pool saying that he has no idea why Gabby chose that moment to lash out at him, and that she obviously has some built-up aggression toward him. Lemme see if I can help you out here, Core: she chose that moment because chances are she was sick of your bullshit. And she probably has some built-up aggression toward you because she has had to live with your crybaby ass for four days now and hasn't received a medal of honor from the President for doing so yet. Jerri says there's a lot of confusion and tension in the air and that it's going to make for a very dramatic night. Christ almighty, somebody pass the Dramamine.

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