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The Botwins return from Bubbie's funeral. Len lights a candle and declares that they will now take off their shoes and sit shiva, paying respects to the woman who escaped the clutches of Adolf Hitler and lived a long and productive life...only to be snuffed out by a hypoallergenic pillow from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They all take their shoes off and settle into chairs. The Agrestic Botwins can barely make it through fifteen seconds of sitting still and thinking; Silas busts out wondering how long they do this for and Len delivers the blow: seven days. Len explains that people come by with food to pay their respects during this whole time and Silas makes a wocka-wocka-wocka joke about why Jews aren't fatter given all the rituals built around food. The doorbell rings almost immediately; its a real estate agent. Trolling the obits for a commission, I guess.

Day Two. Rad sneaker-wheels in with a gift basket and barely has time to even get a "dude" out of his mouth before Len throws him out.

Day Three. A tall woman in a silk blouse is so sorry for their loss. Yoips! Real Estate Agent #1 beat her to it! So let me recap: we've got skater-kid and inflated-housing-market jokes in an episode set at the beach in Southern California? That's what I call ambitious.

Day Four. Doug Wilson. THANK GOD! Andy said it'd be cool if he stayed, Len objects because his mother just died. Doug wonders what happened and Shane fills him in: "Mom killed her." Doug is nonplussed, Andy and Len do some namecalling.

Day Five. Len is filling out a lottery ticket, Andy telling him he's being grotesque. Len directs "Shiva Goy" (i.e., Doug) to run the ticket down to the convenience store and Andy admonishes him: "They're her holocaust numbers." Snap. Doug posits that they must be lucky. Distracting them all from their debate on whether or not Bubbie's experience in a concentration camp was "lucky" or not is the enormous cross made of flowers being heaved into the room. Len's jaw drops; Nancy reads the card: "Nancy, Get your ass back to work. --Guillermo." She sighs and goes back to filing her nails: "Oh, yeah. It's from a friend of mine."

Day Six. Everyone in a circle around Bubbie's bed, silent, bored, and sweating in the heat. Doug "Mr. Miyagi's" a fly that's buzzing around, and then lets it go. I'm getting ready to write a poem titled "I heard a fly buzz when I died recapping this episode."

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