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You're Always a Day Away

Ultra. In the same room where he earlier shot BT, Jed has Stephen bound to a chair, which he explains as a precaution. Also, the walls are made of the sort of Unobtainium that prevents teleportation. Jed introduces himself as Dr. Price, and then tells Stephen that John and co. are selling him a bill of goods about his evil intentions. Because of his specialty in evolutionary biology, Jed says he's fascinated by the SUPES, but it's his job to find and stop them. He shows Stephen stories about SUPES run amuck, like a 17-year-old who stole $70 million from the Fed., a 16-year-old who was caught trying to tag the Oval office and an 18-year-old who was caught tweeting nuclear launch codes. He shows Stephen an electronic map locating the countless SUPE breaks outs around the world. Jed says he's not the bad guy here, because that's what bad guys say. He then picks up a hypodermic needle to drive his point home. We cut to the...

Ultra Lobby. Cara and Russell march in, ignoring the security guard and ensuing alarms. When the guard draws his gun, Cara swooshes it out of his hand. Russell follows suit when another armed guard arrives on the scene. When Guard #1 runs up the stairs, Russell heads him off. We cut back to the...

Unobtainium Room. Stephen struggles against his bonds while Jed blathers that his injection won't hurt Stephen. When Stephen screams, "There's nothing wrong with me," Jed puts the needle down and talks softly to Stephen about how, like his father before him, he shows much promise; it would be a shame if he ended up like his dad, just because he believed John's lies. Jed momentarily stuns Stephen into submission when he tells him his dad won't be coming back to save him or the SUPES because he's dead. As Jed gets closer with the needle, Stephen struggles again. Before Jed can inject him, a minion enters the room and announces that Cara and Russell have breached security.

Out in a hallway, Cara and Russell encounter some Ultra Agents and realize their powers don't work in there, but neither do those of the Ultras. Stephen watches it unfold on a monitor and tries telepathize to Cara to please get out of there. Cara doesn't seem like she's heard him though. She and Russell struggle with some more Ultra Agents. John shows up out of nowhere and helps them. They head off in search of Stephen who finally manages not only to slip his bounds but also to teleport right out of the room. The SUPES find him first, and can't believe he was able to teleport out of that room, but there's no time for discussion, since the Ultra Agents are catching up.

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Tomorrow People




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