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You're Always a Day Away

Jed comes out of nowhere, shouts John's name, points a gun at him and mutters the expected threats. When he fires the gun, Stephen shouts, "No," holds up his hand and seemingly stops time. The bullet slowly approaches Stephen's hand, before it freezes in place. John asks how he's doing it. Stephen hasn't a clue. Jed and his agents remain still. John tells Stephen to get them out, now. They all grab hold of each other and whoosh away. Time resumes. The bullet hits the window. Jed and his gang look around at each other, dumbfounded.

Lair. Russell wonders what else Stephen can do besides stop time and says they have to start his training, ASAP. Elsewhere in the lair, John and Cara talk alone. She thinks the boy might be able to lead them to his father all by himself. After all, he was able to use his powers when the rest of them were rendered powerless. John cringes as he admits the kids is "Moses" and confesses that this is giving him a complex. Cara tells him not to be jealous. John says he isn't, but asks if he should be. He apologizes for being a dick when he initially refused to help them retrieve Stephen and tells Cara he'd never let her get hurt. She knows. He caresses her cheek and they kiss.

Stephen wanders off to the room where TIM lives and asks if he can see the rest of his father's message. Jack says he hoped Stephen would get lucky and turn out like his mom. He knows he has no right to offer his son advice, but if he's a SUPE, his life will get complicated and dangerous. He holds up the coin he used to entertain wee Stephen and reiterates, "Don't believe everything you see." After a beat, he says, "The truth is, there's only one thing you can trust -- you. Trust your heart, son. I love you, Stephen. I love you." Stephen wipes the tears from his eyes and asks TIM if he thinks Jack is alive. TIM only wishes he knew. Shut up, Dan Stevens. I will never again give you my heart.

Stephen and John teleport to the street in front of Stephen's home. He offers to go in with him, but Stephen tells John there's no way he'll want to be there, given that Stephen was out all night. John understands and thanks Stephen for saving his life. Before the boy goes inside, John adds that one day Stephen may be the one who saves them all. He then whooshes away.

Inside, Stephen apologizes to his unusually calm mother about not calling. She tells him it's okay. They have a visitor. It's his dad's brother -- Uncle Jedikiah. Stephen's eyes nearly bug out of his head. Jed rises and smirks. "Hi, Stephen. Call me Jed." Commercial.

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Tomorrow People




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