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Cara cringes at the suggestion. "You want us to admit that we're mistakes. Nature doesn't make mistakes. Jedikiah would drive us extinct, just for the sake of the human race. Stephen says, "Which -- I'm sorry -- I still consider myself a part of." Cara's eyes are brimming with tears as she nods. "Of course you do. But to them? You're not." Stephen recoils a little at that, as Cara continues: "I know you have a life here, a family, but the people who are like us -- the ones we've found, the ones we will find? They are my family. I'm not going to let anything happen to them. And I won't let anything happen to you. Please, Stephen..." She reaches for his hand and asks him to come with her.

Stephen says that even when he thought her voice lived only in his head, he still trusted her, which makes no sense at all. He says he has to find out what happened to his dad -- if he's a hero, if he's alive. There's only one way to find his father without losing everyone else. "Now, I know you're going to think I'm crazy for doing this..." Cara interrupts to insist he has no idea what he's getting himself into. Stephen says, "Cara, it's your turn to trust me." He whooshes away, leaving Cara alone staring at the New York skyline. We cut to...

Stephen's bathroom. He dumps his pills down the drain, which I think you're not supposed to do because those chemicals end up in the water supply, right? Stephen doesn't care. He's got to narrate over a shot of himself walking down the hall with Astrid. "My name is Stephen Jameson. This is where I go to school." We cut to a shot of the lair. John and Cara are there. Stephen finishes, "These are my friends." John asks Cara what happened. She says Stephen made his decision. We cut to Ultra. I try really hard not to look at the set. Stephen walks up the stairs with three of Jed's minions as the narration resumes. "This is where I work." The minions lead him into an office. Jed is there, looking out the window. "And this is my new boss." Stephen tells Jed, "I'm in." Jed holds out his hand and welcomes Stephen aboard. They shake. Cara telepathizes, "I hope you know what you're doing." Stephen answers her in kind. "Yeah, me too." Title card.

After I get past the fact that Stephen looks nothing like a high school senior (and I have one living in my home, and see several others with him, all the time), I'm enjoying the cast. I hope in the future the dialogue gets a bit more snarky, and not just Russell's lines. I like that Stephen, despite his vulnerability, had some edge to him when he was facing off with Dylan, even before he knew he could strangle the bully with his mind. I appreciate the show's deprecation about the terms "Tomorrow People" and "Homo Superior." Both Klemmer and Plec have roots in shows with snappy dialogue and actors who know how to deliver it. May it be so for this show too, please.

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