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You're Always a Day Away

Inside, Stephen's little brother, Luca (Jacob Kogan) appears at the top of the staircase (i.e. the second floor, and I know I already went there in the recaplet; I'm a weak woman). "You slept with Mrs. D'Amico?" Stephen insists it was an accident, but Luca's all, "Dude, she is totally hot." I think it's 'cause I'm clumsy. I try not to talk too loud...

After Mama Marla chases Luca back upstairs, she tries to talk to Stephen, but he doesn't even remember getting out of bed. He promises it won't happen again, even though his track record at keeping such promises leaves much to be desired. He also promises to talk to Dr. Bloom. Mom frets about how they've been to half the specialists in the city and the other half won't take their insurance. "Now Dr. Bloom is telling me that..." She looks up at her son's frightened face and changes course. "It doesn't matter. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...." Stephen realizes his mom has been taking extra shifts to pay for his shrink. Mom tells him she can handle the extra work. It's the situation that's driving her crazy. Stephen's voice is defeated as he notes that runs in the family.

Upstairs in his bathroom, we get another shot of the huge Vaseline jar, while Stephen grabs his pills and a bottle of laxatives. Smirking, he pours the laxatives into an empty prescription pill bottle. I feel like Veronica Mars is smiling and she doesn't even know why.

School. When Luca and Stephen part ways at the door, Stephen is approached by his friend, Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) who jokes about him not making eye contact, or else he'll risk getting shivved. She scolds him for ignoring her texts the previous night, until he explains he was "sleep walking" again. Astrid seems amused to realize that the "Mysterious hottie in his head," is back, but then shows concern as she asks if he's still taking his meds. Stephen says he is, but suggests that perhaps an ice pick lobotomy would work better. "...Or maybe I should just save everyone the trouble and check myself into the loony bin." Astrid asks to see his pills. "I just want to see if being a raging dick is a side-effect." That was uncalled for. I'm not sure why Stephen is the one left feeling chagrinned. This is the problem with letting people in. They come in and act like the own the place. Sorry. I subscribed to those particular issues. I shouldn't foist them off on you lovely people.

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