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BT jumps out of his seat, grabs the weapon, and points it Jed, who is quick to say, "Good. Okay. Good. Good. Good. Good. Now pull the trigger. It's simple Darwinism -- survival of the fittest. You're the superior species, now prove it. I'm a threat to you, so kill me. Do it, before I kill you. You know I will." He's not kidding, BT. BT is overcome by the sound of a high-pitched noise. He shakes, loses his grasp of the gun, grabs his head and sinks back in his seat. Jed pronounces this "remarkable." He's speaking of the SUPES species' inability to kill. There's a lot more blahing about mutation and adaptation, but it all ends with Jed shooting BT in the head, because post-racial America, my ass. People of Color are still not safe on genre shows. Goodbye, BT. I'm sorry I didn't learn either your name or the name of the actor who portrays you. I tried, but gave me no love (or strictly speaking, they gave you no love). We cut back to the...

Lair. Stephen asks what they mean when they say Ultra wants to neutralize the SUPES. "You mean like... killed?" Cara says she and her group can no longer feel, track or communicate with the SUPES that Ultra has captured. John adds, "That's why we need your help -- to find someone. I guess you could call him our leader. He went looking for a place we won't have to hide -- a place that only we can reach. He never came back." When Stephen suggests Ultra got their leader, John pooh poohs his suggestion as impossible. Their leader was the superest SUPE who ever suped. "Listen to me, Stephen. If you have inherited just a fraction just a fraction of those powers..." Stephen cuts him off. "Inherited?" He rises to his feet. "Wait, are you telling me that my lunatic, deadbeat dad was like you?"

John says Stephen's father was so much more -- a hero. Cara thinks Stephen and his dad might share the kind of connection she shares with Stephen. Stephen says he hasn't seen his father since he bailed when Stephen was eight years old and is not inclined to find him. Cara and John say Stephen's dad left so he could grow up safe from Ultra -- so he could grow up human. Were it not for his dad, Stephen would be in a cage, getting his brain picked apart. Stephen doesn't believe any of this.

After a cut, Russell, John, and Cara take Stephen to another part of the lair where they introduce him to TIM -- an artificial intelligence computer program, which Russell says, " kind of like our HAL, just not evil." My daughter says, "HAL? You mean Jarvis!" so I get to tell her about 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I can barely remember. TIM is voiced by Dan Stevens, with whom I totally broke up once he decided to leave Downton Abbey, thereby necessitating SPOILER Matthew Crawley's lamentable fate. Sob.

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Tomorrow People




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