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You're Always a Day Away

TIM brings up video of Stephen's dad. It's the typical I hope you'll never need to see this, but if you're watching, I guess you're in deep shit and I'm wicked sorry about that fare. Stephen yells at them to turn off the video. He's not interested in belated, unwanted apologies. "You've got the wrong guy." He begs his new acquaintances to get him out of there. John blinks. Cara tells Stephen to take her hand and whooshes him out of view and into commercial.

Stephen wakes in his own bed for a change. When he goes to wash up, he knocks his toothbrush off the counter and is able to telekinetically stop it from falling to the floor. Luca peeks his head into the bathroom, to beat us about the head that something awesome and odd has just happened, even though Luca himself didn't see it and we did. Later, at school, Stephen finds Astrid and catches her up on the whole night, genetic mutation and all. She accuses him of being off his meds. Stephen insists the drugs are keeping him from being who he truly is. He tries to make a basketball fly using only the power of his mind and fails spectacularly. Astrid tells him it's shrink time and asks, "Wasn't your dad schizophrenic?" Stephen takes profound offense at that and claims Astrid is taking "their" side rather than his. Astrid gives him what for, and tells him the rest of his friends didn't abandon him, he pushed them away just like he's doing to her.

In the hall, the drug-seeking bully accosts Stephen over the laxative switcheroo and punches him a couple of times. Having had enough, Stephen telekinetically throws the guy down the hallway. When he reaches the Bully, Stephen starts to choke him with his mind, but when he takes it too far, Stephen's eyes roll back in his head, because remember, SUPES are incapable of killing. We cut to...

Ultra. A minion brings Jed some leads on which of the files John might have stolen from Withers Medical Center. Based on symptoms, he's narrowed it down to seven possible patients. As soon as Jed sees Stephen's picture, he knows he's the one. "I recognize the face." Cut to the...

School. Stephen is waiting on a bench, looking at his hand, when his mother storms out of the Principal's office. Stephen asks if he's suspended. Mom is concerned they'll press charges for selling prescription drugs. Stephen says he's not selling anything; Bully steals them. Well Stephen, in this day of Zero Tolerance, most schools have a drug policy, wherein you can't even carry a baby aspirin in your pocket while at school. If you're on a prescription med that you have to take during the day, you bring it to the nurse, along with documentation from your physician and visit the nurse's office when it's dose time.

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Tomorrow People




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