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Stephen ignores me and continues to (inadequately) plead his case to his mother, with a lame, "Ask Dylan." Is that Bully's name? Couldn't we have heard it in one of the preceding 30 minutes, Show? indicates Dylan is played by Derek Klena, but who cares about that. Dylan is in the E.R. Mom says, "The teacher who found him said he was ranting about how you..." She doesn't finish and when Stephen asks her to, she insists it doesn't matter. "Clearly he's out of his mind, because he's on your pills." This is where a real human would tell his mother that the first time the kid stole pills, he got the antipsychotics, but the last time he got a bottle full of OTC laxatives. Sadly, the writers decide to compensate for Stephen's super abilities, by weakening his ability to have a normal conversation in which relevant information is shared. By getting Stephen the right doctors and drugs, Mom thought she could avoid a second round of the heartache she endured with Stephen's father. Stephen mutters a lame, "I'm sorry," and they part ways, after he assures Mom he can avoid trouble on the five block walk home. Oh honey, you haven't watched much Sci-Fi/Fantasy, have you? You just uttered the tried and true trouble incantation. We cut to the...

Street. Stephen is being trailed by a black SUV so he telepathizes his location to Cara and tries to make a break for it, but there's more than one vehicle on his tail. He's eventually stopped by Jed, who says, "Hello, Stephen. You look just like him, you know?" Stephen asks, "Who are you," but one of Jed's minions bags his head and shoves him in the car, just as Cara teleports to the scene. As she watches Ultra drive off with her new charge, Cara announces, "John, they've got him." I hope John is tuned into the right channel. Commercial.

Seeing as this is a pilot episode, I didn't want to short change you on the info dump. That said, this is a weecap, not a full recap, and not only is my deadline tight, I have competing deadlines for other shows, so the rest of this is going to be quick and dirty. Cara asks TIM to locate Stephen via traffic cameras, etc., but some are down. John thinks they have to cut their losses with Stephen, but Cara is unwilling to do so. John might as well turn green, when he wonders if she spent too much time in Stephen's head. Cara insists Stephen is their best chance of finding his father. Russell backs her up while managing to dig at John's ego a bit. When TIM hits upon additional information that could lead them to Stephen, John says he's unwilling to walk right into the clutches of sadistic S.O.B., Jedikiah. Terse words are exchanged and John is outta there.

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