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Blind Auditions Continued, Part 2

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A Hard Day's Night

The next contestant, Lorraine Ferro, is 52 and a whole lotta woman. I bet she blames a lot of her personal issues on having "such a big personality." She has a lot of enthusiasm/nervous energy, and I have a feeling she's exhausting to be around. She tells us she feels The Voice is "[her] show" and does an impression of what she would be like if a coach turned around. It all involved lots of jumping and screaming and hand gestures. Someone get me a glass of wine because I am not in the mood and I'm just not having it this episode.

Lorraine sings Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper," which makes even less sense than anything she just said in her introductory package. She's singing it like she's in a Broadway musical, giving an inappropriate gravity to any song by a teen sensation. No one turned around, so we didn't get to see how accurate Lorraine's impression of herself was. But she did continue to be too much for the judges/everyone.

"Good for her," Christina said with pity, and also told Blake, "she's a firecracker, that one." It was like when teenagers call old people "cute." I hope that later, Lorraine just barely glances Christina with a knife blade, blinded by mania, in the parking lot.

The final contestant, Mycle Wastman, can't help that he spells the name "Michael," "Mycle." At least, I hope he can't. And while I do feel sad that his parents died when he was young, I couldn't help but notice he's wearing the exact same kind of hat that he had on in that picture of him as a baby with his mom. Way to be consistent, "Mycle."

Just a few lines into "Let's Stay Together," Adam and Cee Lo push their buttons, and Blake follows shortly behind. Mycle claims he doesn't sound anything like he looks, but I'm pretty sure Rick Astley is the only guy who can really say that. I'm not sure what I would expect him to look like, based on this performance, but I would not be shocked, or have any reaction at all, to seeing this guy in a bad hat.

Cee Lo loved the performance, and gave it a standing ovation. He tells Mycle that he is more excited about him than "anyone else today." Oh my god what does that mean, though? When in this long day did Mycle audition? How many days in a row did the coaches wear these clothes? I need answers.

Blake says that Mycle is "the best vocalist we have heard today." What day? Surely they said that before they heard Avery, who we heard last night. I'm so confused and overwhelmed. This must be how Mycle Wastman felt right before he chose Cee Lo, or maybe just how he feels when he tries to find jeans that fit him.

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