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Button Up or Shut Up

After VJ, it's time for New Orleans native Alexis Marceaux. Carson insists on asking Alexis about Hurricane Katrina. They lost a lot of good pianos that day. And Adirondack chairs. But the hurricane didn't take Alexis's voice, and it couldn't take her spirit, right, weird Jew-fro-having boyfriend of Alexis? It might be time to "go your own way" away from that dude, Alexis. Cee Lo calls her voice impeccable, which is a nice word choice. Alexis and Cee Lo chose each other, as no one else turned that chair around.

Then Alexis and her creepy boyfriend buy more identical glasses, and he never takes his arm off her or stops telling her how much he likes her and how nice guys finish last.

Next, in a montage, Adam gains a beanie-wearing team member, Christina gets another "fiery" pop singer, and Blake gets a little folk singer. Their names might not matter.

Up next, lover of the classics, Brandon Mahone performs. Things were getting rough for Brandon in Chicago, so they moved. Good job, mom, you are the real star for having sound judgment. I like Brandon Mahone because he seems nice and talented, and I can't hate everyone, or I will become consumed by my own negativity and become a little Internet storm cloud until the end of time.

Brandon is delightful, and sounds so buttery and Motown. Adam, Cee Lo, and Christina push their buttons and Christina claims she did because she heard the emotion. Cee Lo actually knows what Motown is, and dropped some knowledge on us all. Adam complimented Brandon because that tactic has worked before. And it works again, especially on teenagers, as Brandon chooses Adam as his coach. I hope someone else gets him in a super-secret mystery twist.

Now that our hearts have softened, thanks to Brandon, Carson throws another white dude in a vest and a tie in our faces. This one parks cars but wants to be a singer so he puts his CDs (UGH) in the back of people's cars, hoping to get discovered. That's called littering. I can see Jeffrey James doing well on this show, though. He has spunk.

"Come on, Christina," Carson says, choosing a judge at random to beg from the back room. The family all starts begging, like puppies at the pound. No one turns around, and we are all shocked, including Jeffrey James. Adam tells him that he was great and ended really strong, and Blake agrees that the button-worthy moments were too little too late. The coaches all agree that Jeffrey should be pissed off, and he is. Weird.

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