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Nicholas David may not sound like a joke, but he sort of dresses like one. He looks funky. He partied too hard and got 300 pounds fat. He met the woman who is now his wife, he lost some weight, and now he's sober and still wearing fat guy clothes. Through all of that, though, Nicholas David got some soul, and he performs a very hip, very mature funk version of "Stand By Me." My only advice to him would be to buy some clothes that fit better, but this is The Voice, not The Thrift Store Look. Cee Lo was the only one to turn around, and was the only one who should have. I like this guy, and I like this team. It did bring out the first acknowledgement of Cee Lo's bird, though, and I am not sure how I feel about that.

Alessandra Guercio is a more urban looking Rachel Berry, basically. She's from LaGuardia High School, which is "famous" for being the Fame school. I guess I didn't need to use those quotes but there's no going back now. Alessandra sings "The Climb," which is easier to make sound better than the original. This performance has Christina written all over it, but Christina got her bitch face on and didn't push her button. Alessandra's parents didn't care, they were too busy air punching and screaming.

Alessandra admits that she's 17, and everyone goes, "uh oh." Adam and Cee Lo pushed their buttons, though. Someone's gotta lose these battle rounds. Christina is really letting the other judges get inside her head when it comes to her button decisions. The jailbait chooses Adam.

Then, some talent got lumped into a montage.

Avery Wilson grew up in a family of dancers, and so he wanted to dance, too, and sang silently in his bedroom. I'm sure his dancer family pulled a Phylicia Rashad in Sister Act 2 and were like, "singing does not put food on the table ... dancing does."

Avery Wilson's audition is one of the most delightful so far, without a doubt. Everyone except Blake pushed their buttons almost right away, Avery continued to be great, and then Blake couldn't not push his button because he was so good, and then Avery looked so surprised and nervous when he finished. He's 16. I die.

"I think we're all a bit floored," Adam admits, then just stupidly says, "I gotta have you." Because this kid is probably going to win. Cee Lo needs this win, though, I'd like to see Avery go on Cee Lo's team. As though in a celestial apology for "that whole Carson Daly thing," Avery winds up on Cee Lo's team. Cee Lo got a good team today, and so far there aren't too many obviously crappy people in this thing. But we still have like, a million episodes to go.

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