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Eight Is More Than Enough

Carson first goes to the other judges to hear their opinions. Cee Lo say he loves them all (lies!) but he'd save Sera. Adam says that he likes to see how people have grown and is most impressed by Ashley's potential. Blake also goes with Ashley. Christina's turn. There are three and half minutes left. Can she stall for that long? It's possible. She loved their song choices and versatility. She even liked Moses doing a sensitive song, and Sera bravely doing a big power ballad. The crowd seems to be behind Ashley -- maybe she's just got a big family in the audience. She eventually picks Ashley. And on time, nonetheless. She apologizes to Sera and Moses on stage and gives out hugs. Moses is such a good sport, smiling ear-to-ear.

Eight people go on to the quarterfinals, and they are on stage with Ashley crying in gratitude. Next week, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo (also known as Team Tony Vincent). Carson thanks Christina Milian, who didn't actually appear in this episode. I'm grateful for that fact, too, Carson. I'd be happy to name check her every week in trade for never actually having to see her talk about how to use a smartphone.

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