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Carson makes him talk about one second after he finishes. I wish he'd let these people catch their breaths. Learn something from Seacrest. Christina didn't get the connection to this song, but he milked it for all it's worth. She's just jealous he's not on her team. Blake advises him to take his time and appreciate it, and he thinks that his song will be on the top of iTunes in an hour. (As of 11 PM ET, none of tonight's songs have cracked the Top 50).

Christina Milian is interviewing people backstage in the Sprint Lounge. I've been trying to ignore her presence for the run of this show, but now she's got even more screen time. Help me! Well, thankfully, her questions are about as useful as Brooke Burke Charvet's on Dancing With the Stars, by which I mean utterly pointless, so hopefully I can continue largely tuning her out.

Opera singer Chris Mann is up for Team Christina. After a lot of emails, they decided on "Bridge Over Troubled Water" for his live show debut. He's exceedingly competent, and I'm sure moms all over the world will be gushing over him, but it's not what you'd call exciting to watch. He's so elated that his parents are in the audience, and then he rattles off the dozens of random family members who are there to support him. Cee Lo pauses for dramatic effect to say it was a wonderful performance and has nothing bad to say about him. Adam and Christina are giggling at Cee Lo's get up, but Adam likes his unpredictable choice. Christina thinks he was wonderful.

RaeLynn, the youngest artist in the competition, is up for Team Blake. Her goal is to "punch America in the face with country." Not sure that we need that, as America in general listens to a lot of country music. She's doing Maroon 5's "Wake Up Call," which is a) not a country song, and b) by another judge/mentor on this show. Why give your supposed rival a possible sales boost? These judges don't do real competition well, except maybe for Christina. Blake defends the choice saying it has a country feel, with the theme being that if someone cheats on you, you shoot them. I can support that, I guess. Homicide is always so fun.

She starts out and her words are all kind of garbled so that if this song wasn't on my iPod (I know, it's embarrassing, it's in my workout mix... not that makes it more defensible), I'd have not a freaking clue what she was trying to say. She's also gyrating her hips in a way that makes me rather uncomfortable. Maybe it's the giant tutu. She's not lacking in confidence, as she runs over to hug Adam when she's done. Christina likes her sass, but wonders if she's too young to be grinding her hips. Me too! Adam says that she broke his heart by not picking her, and by doing such a great job with his song. Blake loves that she's the country Next Gen, (Adam takes credit for the idea of doing this kind of song country) and that people at the Academy of Country Music Awards were gushing about her.

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