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Erin Willett (Team Blake) is up. She's the one whose dad died, and I still feel like we haven't learned much about her. She's doing Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City." It's a fun song, but I don't know that it is going to sell me on her. She's on stage playing piano, in a little club setting, though she quickly abandons the piano. She does a fine job, but this is far from my favorite Stevie song, and she does a pretty straight cover instead of changing up the arrangement to make it a little more modern. Cee Lo says she was committed, and liked her soul. Not the same as complimenting her voice. Again. Blake says that it was the best vocal performance of the night. I don't think so. I think that honor goes to Lindsey (who not so coincidentally has the highest ranked song of the night on iTunes -- as of midnight ET).

Ashley de la Rosa (Team Christina) is doing "Right Through You" by Alanis. Do they get a rights deal on songs by mentors? Is now a good time to mention how much I miss Kelly Clarkson? Not that I want another singing competition, but I'm excited for the one with her and that adorable Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. Ashley sucks. Hard. Why didn't Christina give her a bunch of weird dancers to cover up her lack of talent? If I wasn't recapping, I'd fast forward because all of the flat and off key notes are actually offensive to my eardrums. Adam thinks she's the most improved, and that she's grown up. Christina agrees and says it was like she was on the VMAs. Then Adam and Christina celebrate getting along. I think Adam might be a little drunk. Wouldn't blame him, it's not like he's really doing much in the way of working tonight.

Does this show never end? Just when I was thinking they'd forgotten about Christina Milian, there she is backstage trying to teach people how to Tweet. Pointless.

Charlotte Sometimes (Team Blake) is doing "Misery Business" by Paramore, and she wants to unsassify it, since she's worried about coming across as too sassy. Then why not pick a different song? She's at least got enough perspective to have a backup plan, which involves working at Denny's. It's pretty unmemorable, in that deep monotone kind of way, until she puts in a little spicy personality at the end. She should work with what she's got. Adam says she had some flatness in her voice, but she has a unique voice. Christina was pleasantly surprised about how dramatic it was. Blake credits Charlotte completely for the arrangement and for her vision, and he didn't hear any pitch problems.

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