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Jesse Campbell (Team Christina) is the last performer of the night. Thank fucking god. I was beginning to think it was just going to keep running right until Tuesday's episode started, with an hour long Smash commercial thrown in the middle. He's doing "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, because that song hasn't been covered about five million times before. He starts out with some jazzy runs at the beginning, to make it a little different, I guess. He hits some really beautiful notes, but he almost could have gone a little bit simpler, though that's probably not allowed on Team Christina. Cee Lo says Jesse's voice is as beautiful as Cee Lo's wig, but he thinks he's "the one" to beat. Adam tries to comment and give Jesse a compliment -- of course Christina has to cut him off to make it about her. She says he was wonderful, and then says she's the only sober coach up there. See, I thought so.

Tomorrow, the ax will fall. I think things aren't looking so great for sweet little Naia. Well, if I ever pass her on the street, I'll definitely put a dollar in her guitar case.

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