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Live Quarterfinal Eliminations – Week Two

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Already Gone

Christina Milian invaded Katrina's personal space. Like, take a step back, lady. Trending. Trending. Twitter. Hashtags. Stop it.

Cheesa (or Cheese, as Cee Lo likes to call her) is doing Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone." Not the best song title for a final save-me song. Is she throwing in the towel by saying she's already gone? She still doesn't make an effort to keep her eyes open, and she sing/shouts most of the song, and it isn't all entirely on key. And she keeps crouching like she's taking a dump on stage. It's not attractive. At all. It really diminishes the one big note at the end.

Blake says that it was flat, but he liked the big note at the end. Christina agrees with Blake wholeheartedly, and says she was underpitch the entire time. Adam says he's pitchy a lot, but it is true. He starts rambling again about yesterday's performance. But is able to finish within a reasonable amount of time. So that's a relief.

Juliet is doing "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. Instead of her usual tough, ragged voice, she's got this weird little babyish girly voice at the start. She eventually gets better. I think it was a really bad song choice for her. It's really like watching a karaoke performance.

Blake says that he doubted her at the beginning, but he loves her now. He says she's an acquired taste. Christina claims to be a fan of Juliet's voice, but she didn't like the softer voice she did on the choruses. I hate when I agree with Christina. Adam's not allowed to talk anymore, apparently. I'm OK with that.

The last two girls are on stage. Blake says as a fan of the show, he'd go with Juliet. Christina also goes with Juliet, but says some nice things about Cheesa. Adam's still not allowed to talk. Maybe he did have a stroke? We haven't seen him in a while. Cee Lo asks both of the girls to smile, but they have a hard time pulling that request off. Cee Lo talks about what the audience wants vocally and personality wise. Cheesa has a classic voice, but Juliet has a very real voice. He can't argue with America, so he goes with America. His decision comes in as the credits are rolling. And we've got just enough time to hear Carson sign off. Next week, the final eight.

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