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Bad Boys

Christina would like to get Britney and Justin and do a Mickey Mouse Club reunion, because she has to make it all about her. She does say she enjoyed it. Christina is still rattling on when Carson cuts to Blake. Blake laughs about Christina's talking and then says that Tony was very smart to do this song. Blake even hates Adam a little bit for doing it. We skip Cee Lo again, which makes me think he's not as good about Adam about getting back to judging after performing. Probably needed a power nap and a snack. Adam says they waffled about it, but he's so glad that he embraced it and went with it. Christina is still talking, but without her mic pumped up, so we thankfully can't hear her hyping her own former career.

Tony's backstage with his adorable son. Christina Milian talks about Twitter trends and then talks to a very blonde Juliet Sims. Mostly pointless, unless Cee Lo needed some more rest.

Cheesa is so delighted that Cee Lo saved her that she almost opens her eyes briefly. She says she wants to be like Whitney Houston and Beyonce doing power vocals. So she does "I Have Nothing" by the late, great Ms. Houston. She said she sang this song a lot when she performed with her brother. While she rehearses, she keeps her eyes closed, but we see her talking in interviews and we can see that she has the ability to open them. She really needs to practice in front of a mirror.

She's wearing a glowing silvery blue gown that looks like she should be granting wishes to Pinocchio or something. She does a pretty straight-forward cover of the song, and doesn't move much more than her arms. Honestly, after Mathai's bouncing around it's a refreshing change. She sings the heck out of it and can really belt, even if she looks like she's sleeping while doing it. But if I take a tip from Adam and close my own eyes while she's singing, it's quite good.

Christina says that Cheesa has courage to do that song, and she did it well and hit notes that Whitney didn't. Cee Lo just smiles when it is his turn. He calls her cheese, and she giggles. Cheese? Did someone not give him a snack? Then he says that Whitney was his fairy godmother (maybe that explains her outfit). He wants to invest in the next power vocalist, and he likes that it was a grown woman song and she did an exceptional job.

Pip is up. I hate typing those words. He's doing Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" and sounds dreadful in rehearsal until Adam gives him some tips about not trying to oversing or hit something so stylistic. Adam tells him (in the microphone two feet away from him) that he wanted to be Eddie Vedder when he was a kid, but he couldn't do that with his voice. I now desperately want to hear a Maroon 5 version of "Animal" just to laugh really hard. Adam says that Pip also has audience support behind him, so he just has to perform well for the fans. Those stupid fans who somehow kept this dude here. Pip can even tell that Adam kind of hates him.

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