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Bad Boys

Pip's at a grand piano sans bowtie (as promised) and he looks dead in his eyes as the camera slowly spins around him and he fails to actually look into it at all. Crooning to the camera dreamily is his really his best selling point. It sounds nice until he gets up from the piano and playing with the audience. And then he hits some insanely awful falsetto notes that make my ears ring.

Blake thought it was going good until the end. He misses the bowtie. He says it is Pip's signature and he shouldn't be without it. He says "it's like me without alcohol." I knew I liked Blake for a reason. Cue a shot of the audience with his parents sporting little bowties. Adam likes the lack of a bowtie. He thinks it was great, but the end wasn't perfect. He likes that he chose this sweet song.

Team Adam is on stage doing "Instant Karma." No camera tricks for them, just Adam behind a drum kit banging away with Pip on keyboards, Tony playing guitar and the girls just singing. It's like some bizarre family band. Tony has a different stupid hat and Pip's got on a bowtie and suspenders. Adam actually doesn't sing -- he's too busy concentrating on drumming. It's an interesting choice. And by interesting I mean forgettable.

Last up is Juliet Simms who talks to Cee Lo about the struggles of her career, with record labels wanting her to be more of a girl band. She's doing "Cryin'" by Aerosmith, which might be the perfect song for her. Good choice, Cee Lo.

Naturally she's wearing enormous angel wings and a teeny tiny dress. She looks fantastic (if slightly unrecognizable) with the lighter hair. The dark hair was really heavy on her and the golden coloring is really flattering and makes her look her age instead of older. She sings the hell out of this song with all the gravelly intonations she can muster, and runs around in her big costume and handles the explosion of bird feathers falling down on her well. It's definitely the performance of the night, followed closely by Tony Lucca's.

Blake said it was a double bonus, because she sounded great and it reminded him of duck season and his love of shooting birds. Christina loves her full-on performance style. Cee Lo pauses before greeting his little red corvette (gross) and says he's impressed with her rugged voice ("it's built to last") and thinks she's a contender.

Time to cut people! Please let either stupid Pip or greasy James be eliminated. So long as Juliet and Tony stay, I'm not sure I really have any strong feelings about anyone else.

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