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Jordis Unga is up for Team Blake , and she's doing a country song because Blake can't put all his country eggs in the RaeLynn basket. This seems like an awful idea. He wants to hear Jordis' voice and not just her scream. He obviously doesn't realize what people find remotely original about her. She tells him that she lost a recording deal right before this show started and was about ready to move back to her hometown if it wasn't for her generous friends.

She's up with some Sara Evans song called "A Little Bit Stronger," which coincidentally are words that appear in the song Christina is performing later. Anyway, she looks pretty but uncomfortable in a mermaid-style dress. She holds her stomach the whole time, looking like she's pregnant or she can't breathe in the tight fitting gown. She sings it well, but it is hella boring. I thought she might have some of her signature roaring in there, but she seems to have been stripped of her originality this week.

Christina says that she likes Jordis' vulnerable side. Cee Lo thinks it was touching and it was a great song choice. Adam says she really feels what she's talking about. Why are all the judges being so nice to each other tonight? It's disconcerting. Blake says he's really proud that it was out of her typical comfort zone.

Christina's having a team meeting at a Starbucks somewhere. She's talking about working with the United Nations and helping hungry people. Then she lists off her vacation destinations, where she "helped people." Turns out this particular Starbucks gives back to the community, so they go to meet a gospel choir at a local high school. I realize that seems like a non sequitur and I'm sure there was some kind of connection, but Christina was just droning on and on so much, that I honestly tuned my brain out. I rewound to watch it again, and three times in a row I still lost interest part of the way through. Anyway, Starbucks helps people and most likely this gospel choir benefits from that. The choir leader is "so surprised" to see them, even though The Voice's cameras were filming the high school students well before Xtina came in there dragging along her mentees. Why did she think they were there? She invites the choir to come perform with her team and her on stage. The kids from Crenshaw High School flip out.

Christina is wearing what amounts to a glittery bathing suit, singing something vaguely country sounding for half a second. During which point she has half naked men gyrate around Blake for some reason, and there's cowboy hats. Once that out-of-nowhere bizarreness ends, she gets down to business singing "Fighter." She has a vest, but shuns it quickly because it is just too much clothing to be wearing. Her team is at various points around the studio before joining her on stage. It's hard to find them with all the dancers and the gospel choir. The stage is quite cluttered by the end. Good think that Xtina has on her sparkly red bottoms so I that can find her. She's hopping up and down so much, it makes me concerned that she's going to fall right out of this corseted top. She doesn't. Much to the male audience members' dismay, I'm guessing.

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