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Erin Willett has to follow that and she's doing another fuckin' Adele song. NO MORE ADELE. I don't even care if she can sing "Set Fire to the Rain," I just can't deal with any more reality stars doing Adele. Blake bonds with her over the fact that they recently lost their dads, and they can laugh at pictures of hers with a mullet.

Her performance is fine, she can definitely sing, I'm just over the Adele covers that I can't even begin to give her any credit if she deserves it. The stylist hates her, and puts her in a dress that has extra material at her hips that adds to her curvy figure.

Christina says that she sang her heart out, but that Adele is big shoes to fill. She likes the lighting effects that were happening. Pretty shiny things, so Xtina was distracted. Cee Lo thinks they were all affected by that album, and she did it justice. Adam says he got "very Jewish" when the fire started falling down from the sky, because he thought she'd burn up like Katniss, but he's glad she's safe. Adam says she might need to work on her phrasing, but he fumbles over his words while telling her this, so it's hard to take him seriously. Blake digs at Adam, but thinks that Erin is the one person on this show who can handle Adele. Someone left Adam's (I think) mic on, because we hear a lot of throat clearing happening.

Lindsey is the top selling iTunes artist of the season. That's interesting. Not surprising though as her cover of Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know" hit before the Glee and Idol versions and before he was on Saturday Night Live, and it is a great song, so she might have introduced a lot of people to it. She was going to sing a Rihanna medley, but changed her mind and instead winds up with Katy Perry's "Part of Me" (also known as the "screw you Russell Brand" song). She likes the take it or leave it message, and hopes it can help her be a more impactful singer.

She's doing her signature style on the song, and there are muscular guys in mesh tops holding her microphone for her, because it is so heavy? She's ditched the sharp glove. I like this because I like her style, but I don't know that I really get the powerhouse vocals that she was going for. It's almost like she's pulling back when she needs to go full out.

Cee Lo likes her and the elaborate staging. He also says he never heard the song. Did he sleep through the Grammys? Adam says he was really critical of his own performance, but he says that the pitch got away from her on some of the bigger notes. Blake heard the pitch stuff, but he's already a fan. He even admits to buying her music, and Adam gives him shit for shilling for iTunes all the time. Christina says she adores her, but she didn't really know the song. Do these people not own a radio? Or watch anything? I feel like it is hard to avoid Katy Perry. I worry for Lindsey, because I fear that Christina doesn't "get" her unique style at all, and is just letting her do her own thing and hoping for the best.

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