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Carson has dragged Team Christina out on stage, and she wonders why Blake didn't go first. So do I, but maybe these were the people available easily backstage? Who knows? I'm saying either Chris or Ashley seems to be in trouble. She blathers on and on about them being gifted and talented and performing with her and God only knows what else in her vague and ambivalent way. She goes with her gut, asks Carson if he's ready, he's like, God, please. So she talks for 20 more minutes about who is willing to takes her direction (which makes me worried for independently-minded Lindsey) but then decides to cut Jesse for the sake of her team. Does she not want to win this show? He looks utterly stunned. As does Adam. He exits in a classy and grateful way.

It's Blake's turn, and Carson rushes him because Christina talked so long that they are in danger of running over and Carson's life clearly depends on this show ending promptly. Blake says he was hoping that someone didn't do a good job, but they all did. And he decides quickly (because he understands live television) to eliminate Jordis. He says it is based on America's voting from a few weeks ago. She's teary, but says she understands. Understands that she got cut because she took his advice and did a country song, but she's not so sour grapes about it.

The losers will be on the Today show in the morning... so clearly someone knew before today that there were going to be instant eliminations. Tomorrow promises more eliminations, and last chance performances. Hooray for more people getting cut, and since it is no longer Ashley's birthday, I'm hoping she's among the booted.

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