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...especially since it's time for Carson to ask the contestants inane questions, starting with Terry, whom he asks what he'd like to say to his wife. Terry, essentially: "Thank you." All right, fine, he thanks her for lots of things, including his kid, in whose face he sees his mother every day. Aw. And now it's time for the first safe artist, from Team Blake: Terry. Well, obviously, but I like him, so good.

Up on that interview balcony or whatever, the interviewer chats with Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20; after plugging his upcoming tour, she asks what advice he has for the remaining contestants, and he's like, they all sing better than I do, so what do I know? Perfectly representative bit of fake realness, there. Also, the interviewer's name is "Christina"? How did they slip that by Aguilera's agent?

Now two of their "female powerhouses" are teaming up, as Amanda and Cassadee (heavy on the Amanda, not that I'm complaining) are doing Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway." This is actually a duet, both vocally and in the stage movements; although Amanda's better, in my opinion, Cassadee adds quite a bit - the song is in her wheelhouse -- and the whole is more than the sum of its parts. When they're done, it's time to learn the identity of another semifinalist, but not before Carson asks Nicholas what he'd think if he were to go home that night. Nicholas gives what seems like a reasonably heartfelt, or as heartfelt as can be in a monotone, speech about how the people on the show have been his surrogate family, and he'll miss all the stuff they got up to, including "all the farts." Everyone's amused, but I bet Beano is going to get some product placement next season. And now, after the requisite interminable pauses, the next semifinalist is - from Team Cee Lo - Trevin. Another lock, based on last night, so we've been drama-free so far.

Now it's time for Matchbox 20 to sing "Overjoyed," joined by Nicholas and Trevin. Have you noticed when Rob Thomas sings, he sucks in his mouth and becomes this lipless creature? It's goofy, really, and I'll never figure out his hair, but he still looks all right. Of course, he's also like a head shorter than Trevin and Nicholas both, which is why the camera goes to such lengths not to show them; the shots aren't quite as deliberate as when an actress is pregnant, but they're not far off. Oh, the song? Regardless of synergy, I don't see anyone picking it for themselves on this show.

Oh, and speaking of goofy, contestants and judges alike do judge impressions. Obviously, the Cee Lo bits are the best; I particularly like the pair of glasses, almost two feet wide, that Amanda found for the occasion. Actually, Melanie's Christina isn't bad (all of hers are passable; maybe she can do impressions professionally after she goes home tonight), which is hilarious given how much Christina clearly hates her. It's all corn-pone with Blake, and Adam gets shit for all the shirts he wears with holes in them, and if they're saying they should be bigger, no argument here.

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