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Erin Willett is up, and Blake is excited about her original arrangement. She's doing the actually unexpected David Guetta song, "Without You." I would have expected it from one of the guys, but not her. We are treated to clips of her doing Grease when she was a kid. Her mom thinks that she's got such perseverance that she can be The Voice. Blake worries that Jermaine may overshadow her, so hopes she breaks out.

Her hair has been flat-ironed to death, and she starts out whispering, so it almost sounds like she's missing words, but I think it is just how she's holding the mic. She does this song more as a ballad with some big notes peppered in, but she sounds flat in a few places toward the end.

Christina thought it was bold and unique, so she's proud of her. Erin's having an emotional breakdown on stage. Cee Lo thinks this was the emotional moment the show needed. Blake tells her that she looks beautiful and says he'd like to have a tenth of her singing talent. He also admires her for having the strength to do this song. Whatever.

Chris Mann is doing "Ave Maria" (which I just heard tonight on Dancing with the Stars done by Jackie Evancho... so beat a little girl, Chris. Good luck.). Christina talks about when she used to sing this song when she was young (way to find a way to make it about her!). Chris's family is glad that Christina is his coach, and they think this is his destiny.

It's good, though I'm surprised the fire alarms in the studio didn't go off because of the hundreds of candles set up all over the place. The audience has those little electric tea lights. I mean, it is hard to deny he can sing this song. I just don't care that he can sing this song because he's so boring.

Cee Lo says he has a perfect and powerful voice. Cee Lo's almost tearing up, as he's bonded with Chris backstage. Adam loves that this kind of performance can happen on this show. He likes that it was classic and simple and beautiful. We skip Blake (too bad, I was looking forward to finding out if he knew that song). Christina doesn't think that most people can do that song justice, but he can. She jumps up on stage to hug him.

Christina Milian has tamed her hair down. Tony Lucca says his performance was the most fun he's had in under two minutes in a long time. His wife is a lucky woman. His daughter is cute though. Christina asks Erin some stupid questions, and Erin's college pal also has nothing really to add.

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