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Jamar Rogers's mom thinks he's been ready to do this since he was a kid. He's excited that America put him through. He's doing "If You Don't Know Me By Now," and Jamar wants to modernize it by using some electronic elements. Even Cee Lo initially thinks this is a cracked out idea, but eventually comes around to it.

I never imagined this song with a backbeat, but here it is. The Voice, delivering things I never knew I didn't want. His voice sounds OK, but it is hard to hear him over the very loud backup singers and the backing track is very annoying. The lasers are quite good though. I think he performed it well, but it was a truly bizarre choice. [Note: Also, David Brent already perfected this song on The Office, so. -- Rachel.]

Adam says he's a fan. Blake says that it was very laid back and he appreciated it, especially the low note he went for. Christina sing/talks about how she can sing, and shows off for a while. Cee Lo is very proud and enjoyed that Jamar offered up all that he has. He'd also like to read a book about his life, but this isn't The Autobiography. It's The Voice.

Team Adam and Team Cee Lo sing together. They do "All These Things That I've Done," by The Killers. The girls handle this tune far better than the boys. Tony is still attempting to dance, and then he plays guitar. It really gets shitty around the time they get to the "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier," section. There are also points where I can barely hear Jamar. Someone needs to give him remedial lessons on how to use a microphone.

Christina Milian is back sounding like an idiot. We do learn from Jamar that Cee Lo is an excellent bowler. I could have lived without knowing that.

Jermaine tells Blake he really needs to perform and do the best song for his voice. Blake gives him a song where he can hold his notes out, so he's doing "Open Arms" by Journey. His wife talks about how he used to use his singing voice in order to pick up women. But now he loves his wife and he's so grateful for her support. Blake is just happy that Jermaine picked him.

The piano starts before him, which might be a mistake, but it is quickly righted. It starts out dull as fuck, but it really gets great as he gets towards the middle. Lots of runs and power notes, which works for him.

Christina thinks he murdered the song. She's still regretful about not pushing her button for him. Sounds dirty. Cee Lo is duly impressed. Adam says that Jermaine is officially no longer a background singer. Blake thinks that Jermaine is the front runner and he's pulling out ahead of the pack.

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