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Next up is Nakia, who is probably the most affable guy on the show and you can't help but root for him, especially when Cee Lo is trying to sabotage him by making him sing Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me." The lights come up and Nakia is looking fly in a white suit with a black shirt and his hair slicked back sitting at a piano. He accompanies himself on the piano for a moment and then takes over the stage and ends up charging into the audience to finish the song on a super high note. Adam Levine was super impressed, but wants to make it very clear that he has never heard that song before. He says it several times so we know he is not Team Adam Lambert, nudge nudge wink wink. However, Adam is certain that Nakia sang it better than whoever sang it first. Blake agrees that it was incredible and Christina is also wildly impressed with Nakia and his considerable stage presence. Cee Lo announces that Nakia is going to be the next big star. End of story. He wants Nakia to win. Nakia nods, because he is distracted by the shiny jewels adorning Cee Lo. Also, what the heck do you say to that?

Following on Nakia's giant stage presence is the quiet confidence of Dia Frampton. In the peek behind-the-scenes, we see Blake sitting on his rump while Dia picks her song and directs the band to hand clap while she plays guitar. Yes, she played piano last week and this week she is playing guitar while singing R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion." What is Blake doing exactly? Cheering her on. She is fantastic, but she is probably not going to win, because she has to face Javier Colon. Up first is Christina Aguilera who is surprised at how much Dia has grown over the course of the competition. Christina says she "doesn't know" several times, because she probably doesn't know what to do with a girl who doesn't show any boobs, wears a black lace dress, plays multiple instruments, and sings offbeat songs, so she gives up talking. Cee Lo is really impressed with Dia and Adam just calls himself a fan. Blake is ebullient in his appreciation of the performance. He thinks Dia is exemplifying what this show is supposed to be, which is a girl singing her heart and soul and wowing the pants off the crowd. And Adam. Dia is amazing. Do you think she would be my friend? We could take the bus to obscure indie shows and not talk.

For some godforsaken reason, Adam Levine thinks this show NEEDS MORE WHITNEY. And he thinks Casey Weston is the girl to do it. And it's not just any Whitney song, it's "I Will Always Love You." As she practices, Adam begs her not to try and sing like Whitney and Casey tries her best to countrify it, but Whitney owns that song (unless she traded it for a crack pipe) and whoever sings it will just be compared to Whitney. It's a fact. Casey comes on stage looking like she just stepped of the stage of a douche commercial in a flowy white dress and cowboy boots. She does a noble job with the song, but GAH, it's a Whitney Houston song. Are we supposed to ignore that and not compare it to Whitney nor just bash our heads in car doors because enough freakin' Whitney! Everyone claps politely as Casey hops a ride on a passing unicorn and heads offstage. Blake thinks Adam looks like a dick in the rehearsal reel, but it is working because Casey is improving. Also, she's hot. She giggles appreciatively and reminds him that she's 18. Christina and Cee Lo don't get to talk, but Adam does. He is proud of himself, oh and also Casey. He thought she was pretty good.

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