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Live Semifinals, Part 2

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The last competitor of the evening is Vicci Martinez, who not only has a killer voice, but also a killer backstory. And if I have taught you nothing, let me continue: Backstory wins. Her father died before he could live his dreams. He was supporting six children with his plumbing job and didn't get a chance to sing. So she's going to get in touch with that while she sings Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days Are Over." Vicci is wearing all white with dramatically green eyeshadow and a faux-hawk. She smashes two drums in unison with a line of drummers as she sings. After a slightly rock start, she hits the ball out of the park. She killed it. She was drumming, she was rushing the stage, she was. Brace yourself, but Adam and Blake and I agree that it was the most powerful performance of the night by far. Christina agrees too. It was an incredible performance and even though she lost her mic at some point she kept right on rocking. Cee Lo sits there like a hip hop Buddha spouting fortune cookie style bits of wisdom: "We dance to our own drummer; We are our own team. Dog days. They are over." Yeah, what he said.

Melissa Locker a.k.a Lulu Bates is recording a single with Adam Levine, too. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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