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"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"

Next up is Cassadee, and Blake's song for her is "Stand" by Rascal Flatts. Cassadee's jazzed (sorry) about doing a country song, but they agree that the song is difficult, and Cassadee frets over finding the right moments in it. In other news, "make it my/your own" gets its first tally mark on the night.

Cassadee seems to be rushing through the beginning of the song, a little, but by the second verse, when she's walked into the crowd, she appears to have loosened up. Her voice still sounds a tad thin to pull off really emotional country, but the performance is serviceable. Plus, I could, you know, hear her.

Christina thinks she was great and thinks she's just gotten better and better; she's the "all-around true star of the show." Adam: Ditto, but please be more adventurous. Blake: Shut up, Adam. ("Make it your own" total: 2.) Cee-Lo: [comments redacted due to phlegm and vocal effects of "medicinal" marijuana]

Check-in with a couple contestants, which I will give all the ink it deserves.

It's Amanda's turn, and to mix things up, she'll be doing her own choice first - Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman," which Adam informs us has never been done on the show. As such, he thinks she's got a real opportunity, and Amanda thinks her church-singing background is going to be an asset on this song, for obvious reasons, if you listen to the lyrics. Adam encourages her to let the song build, which seems right.

And it's probably not a surprise, but Amanda kills it, not just vocally but in her infectious enjoyment and natural (sorry, again) connection with the audience. Adam gives her a standing-O, which would be obnoxious were it not so richly deserved. Blake cannot criticize anything in the performance, despite wanting to. Cee-Lo: Women are hot. Adam: Best performance since "Dream On." Christina, meanwhile, is on the phone with her agent trying to book Amanda as a backup singer.

Next up is Terry, who will be singing his own choice, Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is." He tells us that he's singing the song in memory of his late mother, and Blake suggests stripping the instrumentation down to just a single piano, which is an interesting choice, since I grew up with the original of this song and it's pretty effing bombastic. Blake tells him he's "got to dump [his] blood and guts into this," so I guess it'll be exciting but I don't envy the custodial staff.

In addition to the piano, there's a cello backing him up. On the chorus, he has some nice harmony going with the backup singer, but he seems to be working awfully hard not to get behind the song, especially on the bridge. This is a tough song, though; the arrangement is memorable enough that I think he did fine. Christina thinks Terry's indicative of the fact that Blake has the strongest team, and she hopes all her compliments don't go in one ear and out the other. Cee-Lo thinks it was emotionally transcendent; Adam also has nothing bad to say, given how tough the song was.

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