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"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"

Also, Blake pretends not to know what a cello is so he can make a lame joke about Cee-Lo. You guys, that was scripted. Someone made that decision.

It's Trevin time, and Cee-Lo picked Katrina and the Waves' "Walking On Sunshine" as a way to pull him out of his comfort zone. Pat encourages him to do what he wants with the song, and Trevin thinks since it's about having fun, he should do just that. Might as well, since given what I've seen so far, he's got a great shot to go home.

And his singing doesn't exactly change my opinion. There's no vocal signature, and his stage moves are thoroughly unconvincing - a classic example of doing what you think you should rather than what you feel. Regardless, Cee-Lo stands for him like he's the second coming. Adam goes on for ages about the head games he plays with Cee-Lo while generically complimenting the performance. Blake gives him props that are a lot less positive than they sound, essentially saying that it's great when Trevin finally hits a high note after everyone's waited ages for him to do it. Cee-Lo jabbers on for a while; he thinks it was excellent. I stand by my assessment; it kind of sucked.

Next up is Melanie, who's picked Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." She wants to make it more muted than the original, like she did with "Toxic," and she knows it's a risk to do one of Cee-Lo's songs, but she hopes he'll like it. Adam's behind her all the way, and indeed, she sounds good in the rehearsal. He tells her to "Melanie-ize it," and I appreciate him coming up with alternatives to the dreaded "make it your own," stilted as they may be in practice.

And given who must be voting for her, she delivers. I mean, I haven't been watching and I suspect she might be insufferable, especially given the way she tinkles this toy piano at the end, but it's more memorable than at least two of the other performances so far. Christina gives obviously insincere and middling praise; Cee-Lo is more effusive in saying she did well. Adam thinks she had some pitch issues, but thinks the overall performance transcended them; voting-wise, he's probably right.

So, that's the middle, and to kick off the second half, Terry will be doing Blake's choice for him, Rod Stewart's "Stay With Me," and given Terry's hair, the choice of artist seems A LITTLE on the nose, but I wouldn't expect Blake to avoid such pitfalls, especially outside of the country genre. He says Terry is a "classic rock guy," unless he meant a "classic-rock guy," but since Blake is speaking and not writing he gets the benefit of ambiguity when it comes to possible compound adjectives. Damn him.

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