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The One with the Wigs

Next, Team Cee Lo performs "Stayin' Alive" in terrible costumes and wigs. Cee Lo is wearing an Elvis costume, his third costume of the night. Trevin seems embarrassed. Cody sings in falsetto. Nicholas David is a natural, and a professional. I wish this song, and every song, was just him. I could also do with about eight fewer disco dancers, and four less steam cannons.

The remaining eight artists stand on stage, leaving Cody and Trevin in their grown-up Jackson 5 costumes. Carson announces that the next two safe artists are Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo), and Cassadee Pope (Team Blake). The score, for those of you fervently keeping track at home, is Blake: 1, Christina: 2, Cee Lo: 2, and Adam: 1. Oh my god, what a nail biter. These randomized results just might give Christina and Cee Lo the edge.

With "Life is a Highway," Team Blake tries their hardest to get country. Blake won't budge for anyone. He had to sing a song he knows. The performance winds up like a good showing in the name of group karaoke -- a little confusion over who is singing what, and a small amount of effort put toward pleasing the crowd. Cee Lo's Team performance was better.

The next two artists "saved by America's votes," are Terry McDermott from Team Blake, and Team Adam's Amanda Brown. Wow, that last result really evened out the score. It's anyone's game now.

Before we ease anyone else's mind, Carson will ask two of them stupid and useless questions. First up is Cody: does he think Christina's comment about his lack of energy will influence America? His answer: he's still giving the bam-bam and wants to remain in the competition. Melanie is also grateful to be here, and wasn't expecting to make it this far. Christina is still wearing that hair and crown (Shh! It's a Wig!).

Carson announces that the two performers who will continue on are Cody Belew, whose joke no one laughed at, and Melanie Martinez, whose self-esteem really didn't need to be taken down another peg. Cody tries quickly to explain his joke to Christina, who can't hear through her wig.

"Let's hear it for Michaela Paige and Adriana Louise, both exiting The Voice tonight," Carson says, thinking about what he'll have for breakfast tomorrow. Christina and Blake run on stage, Adriana thanks Christina, Christina tells Adriana she didn't win Star Search but look at her now. But don't stare directly at Christina; the magnificence will blind you. Cee Lo creeps by in front of the camera at the worst possible time.

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