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Season 3, Episode 8

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Next up: Kayla Nevarez, a 17-year-old from Mission Viejo, CA, who of course has been singing time out of mind. Her dad got her into music, but he has liver disease, so can't be there with her. He can't work either, so her mom has to, and they can't afford a house anymore, so they have seven people in a two-bedroom apartment. Aw, she's cute, and doesn't say that music is like, all the bed she needs or anything, so that's a plus as well. Kayla makes an off-the-beaten-path choice with Estelle's "American Boy," and she's sassy and interesting enough that Adam rings in almost immediately, followed not too far after by Christina. Sensing they like what they see, Cee Lo gets in on the act, so atypically, Blake is the only one sitting this one out. Christina gives her the hard sell, and she's like catnip for a girl this age, so you figure it's a done deal even though Adam tries to sell her on the fact that he's actually coached a team to a win. But no! She picks Adam, so his team is full. I knew I liked her for a reason.

Now we have a little rundown of people picked earlier in the season, with a beardless Adam chatting about how proud he is of his team. Adam, I love you to the point where the greatest event of the new TV season in my mind is going to be your appearance on American Horror Story, but I've got a deadline here.

Time for 16-year-old Celica Westbrook, originally from Pennsylvania but now hailing from Tennessee, who comes from a family of singers dating back to the Cretaceous Period, I think, and who was offered a record deal when she was 14 that ended up falling apart. These interviews with the parents are staged so weirdly, I can't even describe it. No, I've got it - they always have one person staring in a completely artificial direction, and it's creepy, like that person can see the dead people. Celica sings Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years," and I note with dismay that Adam is no longer in his chair; I thought they might disable his button but keep him around to flirt with the contestants and irritate Blake. But it's FINE.

Celica's got some pipes, and Christina, looking to join Adam in the green room, rings in quickly. Cee Lo doesn't let it go uncontested, though, and soon Blake's cowboy hat is in the ring as well. Oh wait, Adam is there! He was totally leaning over so far in his chair that I couldn't really see him before. Adam, she's not that boring! I like that he has to stay around and see who he didn't pick, like Celica's The Door Not Taken on Let's Make A Deal. Christina stands up for Celica when she's done, and you can tell from Celica's reaction to each of the judges' introductions that her heart belongs to Christina, even though they drag it out. Christina gets in Blake's face, hilariously, and it's just Cee Lo and Blake looking for their last singer now.

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