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Season 3, Episode 8

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When we return, we get a quick montage of losers who Cee Lo and Blake laughed off the stage, and then it's time for 26-year-old Georgian Jessica Cayne, who's a full-time musician who also has had treatment for an eating disorder. She says that music is a "life raft" for her, so we'll be moving on now. She sings Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl," and it seems like they like her voice, but although Blake lets his hand hover over the button, it doesn't happen for her. They keep her up there a while, and when she talks about how she was bullied and how music got her through, Christina runs up to the stage to give her a hug, which is nice. That said, I think I had just the right amount of Jessica.

46-year-old Rudy Parris, who got into music because of Kiss, is hoping to restart his musical career now that his daughter is grown up and has a kid of her own. Wearing so much black that even Johnny Cash would raise an eyebrow, he sings a slow country version of The Police's "Every Breath You Take," which is not to my taste, but he's got a strong voice, and Blake does ring in, followed eventually by Cee Lo. They both give him the hard sell, because who wants to get stuck with the dregs of this interminable episode, but Rudy's "country roots" compel him to pick Blake. No word on whether Cee Lo is allowed to choose the cockatoo to round his team out.

From Arkansas, we have 27-year-old Cody Belew, whose dad rode bulls and discovered his son's voice. Surprisingly, his specialty is not country but soul, so he's looking forward to trying to impress Cee Lo. As long as Cee Lo isn't looking for heterosexuality, you'll be fine, kid. He sings (according to his later statement) the Black Crowes' version of "Hard To Handle," which takes me back to college in case you were wondering just how ancient I am, and Cee Lo lets him twist right until the end, like, he rings in so late that Cody doesn't even realize it happened until Cee Lo tells him, and although that's probably fake, the part where he literally jumps into Cee Lo's lap seems genuine enough. Also, his nickname going forward is apparently going to be "Bam Bam," which makes me happy I'm a substitute recapper here.

And that's it for the blind auditions, but I'll be with you tomorrow for a special look back at them. "Special," of course, being the operative word.

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