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I like Nicholas David's new look, and his sparkly jacket. He also does some leg kicks. Adam thanks Nicholas for reminding us that this show is about entertainment and fun. Once again, no one cares what Christina has to say.

Throughout the night, Carson tells us, the three finalists will reprise their "breakout performances." Cassadee sings "Over You" as the first of these performances. This song "catapulted" her into the #1 spot on the iTunes charts, just for a bit. It's Blake Shelton's song, and she's wearing a sparkly gown, a lethal combination, proven irresistible to voters. Who cares about the fact that the song isn't good, and that Cassadee doesn't sound her best on it? Also, is she a country artist now? What is happening here?

Christina, Mistress of Illusion, gives her feedback to Cassadee's dress. The lady loves sparkle. Adam notes that Cassadee is "shiny" and her voice is so finely-tuned. Blake's feedback can be summed up with, "yup."

For Terry's first performance, he will be singing with Blake Shelton. Ugh, I'm so tired of Blake Shelton. I can't watch TV anymore without worrying that he'll show up. Blake invited Terry and his family over to his house, which Terry's son describes as "pretty big of a house." Blake surprises Terry with his father, even though I thought Terry's parents already surprised him last week. Terry McDermott Sr. thinks Terry deserves to win The Voice. I'm not sure he'll win it with this tortured performance of "Dude Looks Like a Lady" next to Blake Shelton.

Has anyone else slowly realized that Blake is not a great singer? He was not great opening "Hallelujah" and now he's really straining on "Dude Looks Like a Lady." Terry sounds even better next to him, though, so I guess this is working. Damn you, Blake Shelton, for constantly riding the line between evil genius and blithering idiot.

At first I was embarrassed not know who the "familiar face on guitar" is, but then I realize it's Adam Levine, shirtless, wearing a long wig. Right? Is that who it is? My main complaint about The Voice is that it relies too heavily on wigs.

Nicholas David chose "Lean On Me" as his "defining moment" song. I am inclined to disagree, because I loved his audition, and his duet of "She's Gone," and even his rendition of "What's Going On?" better than this one. Maybe I need to stop going to karaoke nights, where people ruin all the good songs. This is certainly a good moment for Nicholas, and may even be better than his original performance of "Lean On Me." I like the relaxed set.

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