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Adam tells Nicholas he likes the outfit because he looks like a principal. Yeah. Then Adam added, "principal of funky stuff ... that's the dumbest thing I've ever said in my life," and it made me like Adam more. If anything, Season 3 of The Voice made me like Adam Levine a lot more, and Blake Shelton a lot less.

Cee Lo tells Nicholas that he loves him, and that he moves him. Nicholas runs down for a hug. It's a very simple, sweet, and sincere moment, the type of thing only Cee Lo's presence could add.

Now, a look at Terry McDermott. Adam, Cee Lo, and Blake all chose Terry, but Terry went with Blake almost as a joke. Just a feeling, I guess. Terry sings all of Adam's favorite songs, but tonight he's singing "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister, his son's favorite song. Terry starts out a bit wobbly, but still sounds really good. I'd be OK with Terry winning, too. I just don't want Blake to take any of the credit for it.

Terry's performance concludes with a spinner/winged confetti drop. Adam congratulates Terry on recovering from some technical issues at the beginning. Blake brings up their performance of "Dude Looks Like a Lady." Basically, Blake admits defeat, and reinforces that Terry McDermott is very good at singing songs that are actually quite difficult. It's an important reminder that only Shirtless Adam Levine could bring out.

Oh boy, before any more excitement, let's wind down with Christina Milian in the Sprint Skybox. She tells Terry and Nicholas that they are wonderful, then ignores them while promoting previews of all her extra online bullshit. Ugh, the finale is two hours long. Lord help us.

Cassadee Pope also got an invitation from Blake Shelton to his "pretty big of a house" to talk about family and duets and stuff. Even Cassadee's boyfriend, who I feel like she is pretending isn't her boyfriend, or at least trying to push aside, got an invite. Blake assures us that Cassadee is a good person, and says "God broke the mold when He made Cassadee Pope."

Now, Blake Shelton and Cassadee Pope duet on Sheryl Crow's "Steve McQueen." The song seems a bit low and casual for Cassadee. It's not really packing a punch, despite the red stock car planted on stage. It's better that this song features Cassadee, while Blake sings backup and plays the guitar. Is Blake a monster, or is Cassadee really small? They look odd next to each other. The song is a misstep, as Cassadee's strength is allegedly her storytelling ability, and this song doesn't have much of a story.

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