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Before the show can continue its positive forward momentum, we have to check in with Christina Milian, her gaudy dress, and the Sprint Skybox, where fun goes to die. She lured Cody, Amanda, and Trevin into it to tell them that Amanda Brown, 50 Cent, and Adam Levine, are all trending on Twitter right now. This is the biggest accomplishment anyone can hope for in this economy, to be trending on Twitter. Christina Milian asks Cody and Amanda about their friendship, which was inevitable.

Cassadee, Dez, Melanie, and Terry perform now. I couldn't tell you why, but it's happening. My friend, watching The Voice is also confused. "So, these are new contestants and they aren't on a team like the people who just went are? They all have to perform together?" At this point, how do you explain The Voice to a loved one? I told him not to worry about this performance. It doesn't matter.

Rocker Terry McDermott is ready to show his sensitive side with a Blake Shelton song. Yurgh. I'm not familiar with this song, but the iTunes purchasing people seem to love them some Blake Shelton, and I think Terry is counting on that. I wonder if it's hard to breathe in that giant smoke flume. Aside from the Wicked Witch of the West stage effects, I find this song and performance relatively unremarkable.

Christina likes Terry's voice more when it goes higher, and found the performance unexpected in a bad way. Cee Lo compares Terry's singing to cursive, which was just the most beautiful thing, and didn't say anything specific about this performance. Adam takes the opportunity to make a dig at Blake Shelton, then makes it a little bit more about him. Blake agrees that this is how the song is meant to be because Terry is doing things he can't do vocally. That is a nice compliment.

The youngest artist remaining in this competition, Melanie Martinez, sings next. She chose "Too Close" by Alex Clare. A nice choice, Melanie. She chose it because she's going through a breakup. Someone couldn't handle Melanie's rising star, I guess. I love to hear Melanie's voice on any song, and this is no exception. Yeah, I'd download it. And how cute is she with that little kick-tambourine? The stage setup is spot on, too. It's all working tonight.

"Your voice, it just melts me," Blake says, then gets lost on memory lane. Stupid. Christina also loves the set, thinks it didn't go anywhere but calls it her favorite performance from Melanie so far. Cee Lo compliments Adam on the new arrangements, and likes the set. Adam says Melanie made her ex feel dumb for not being with her successfully, which is, to Adam, the goal of any breakup. Melanie shakes her head slowly, sadly. This is overlooked, because it's Adam's time. He's famous.

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