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Up in the Sprint Skybox, Christina Milian announces that Nicholas David has a third baby on the way. He is rocking some sweet pigtail braids. Christina asks Nicholas whether he wants a boy or a girl, then tells him he hopes it's a girl because "princesses are awesome." The demonstration of depth overwhelms me.

Christina's only artist performs now: Dez Duron. Dez looks unhealthy in this clip package. Lookin' a little wan there, Dez. This week, he's really going to manipulate the votes by singing "U Smile" by Justin Bieber. Christina wants to show his range, or mainly, manipulate a wide age range of women. Dez is showing a lot of collarbone tonight, and making this Bieber song sound like a Michael Buble song. He looks really sick and tired, though.

In my ideal world, Dez projectile vomits in the middle of this performance. But we all know he hasn't eaten this week. It's not great, particularly without the projectile vomiting. Cee Lo manages to throw Dez a compliment, a generic one, and Adam agrees. No one mentions the performance specifically. Christina, who is usually sparing with compliments, is over-complimentary to Dez. I think Dez will go home this week, then he will eat a hamburger like he just won a reward challenge on Survivor. Christina needs Dez to stick around or she can't promote her album on the show anymore.

Wunderkind Trevin Hunte sings "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston this week, and when I heard that, I went, "YES." This is all I've ever wanted for Trevin Hunte's journey. That and his sparkly jacket tonight. Team Cee Lo represent. This performance is so right, so special. Trevin looks up from his microphone with tears in his eyes, and my friend and I basically just burst into tears. Fuck Dez Duron, this is what's up. I think that performance taught me how to love again.

Adam is also excited, telling Trevin there is no song he can't sing. Blake stammers and stutters, and calls Trevin the one to beat, more or less. Christina says, "wonderful job as usual, Trevin," like the bitchy girl in high school, and tells him he was unable to capture his vocal monster once again. I don't even know what it means. I'm glad this comment session is closing with Cee Lo, who knows how to feel and give a goddamn compliment.

Christina Milian sucks all the genuine emotion out of the room from the Skybox. But then she brought Terry's wife and son up into the Skybox and took all the credit for reuniting them. She is the worst person ever to do it, and then Carson follows it up with the worst commentary, then introduces an awkward, unnecessary group performance of Journey's "Anyway You Want It." Trevin slays as usual, Amanda Brown is great, Cody doesn't quite measure up, and Nicholas David just dropped in from the '70s movie version of heaven. Overall, an awkward success.

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