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It's Not Easy, Being Eliminated

For the Christmas special, Cee Lo ushered out Team Cee Lo in its three-season entirety to sing background vocals for him and Kermit. It is brief and crowded.

Back in the live studio, Gonzo has mercifully replaced Carson. This is a welcome change, and I would love if it were permanent. Appropriately, Fozzie is replacing Blake, our loveable goofball. Animal has replaced Adam in the name of rock 'n roll, and Janice is in Christina's spot. I guess Miss Piggy was asking too much. That pig is expensive.

Cee Lo is on stage, wearing a mirrored, sleeveless, green getup. I get it, it's not easy being Green. If there's anyone who I would love to see interacting and singing with Kermit, it's Cee Lo. This is a heavenly moment, especially without any of the other coaches or Carson. This piece of heaven is followed by my least favorite moment on The Voice: the Voice confessionals. Yes, the confessionals, during which we realize that no one on this show is clever, not even the editors.

The remaining artists hit the stage again, as the Muppets are cleared away into suitcases. The next artist saved is from Team Adam ... it's Amanda Brown. A nice, narrow escape for Amanda this week, in my opinion. She's starting to flatline a bit. But come on, Carson, tell us who charted.

Carson won't tell us who charted, but he will check in with Christina Milian, who is unable to get down from the Sprint Skybox. It's just too high, guys. I like her hair tonight, though, and I like her in butter yellow. Christina is looking very refined for someone who gets fed lines and questions from Twitter.

Next, Carson promises the group performance of "Rhythm of Love" will be memorable, before it even happens. Terry, Nicholas, Melanie, and Casey are performing, so I'm in favor of this performance, however disjointed. Can you really call something memorable before it has happened, though? Sometimes it's just too obvious that Carson doesn't even know what he's saying.

Now, Carson gets to promote the fact that he never sleeps. He has that awful Last Call show, and a radio show, evidently. Carson made the contestants wake up early to listen to him some more, because he's "helping." He wants to teach them a lesson on talk radio. Dez, more tired and sickly than ever, says this is good because the whole reason he's doing this show is to some day be on the radio. He means to have a song on the radio, though, not to sing his name with seven other people on early morning talk radio.

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