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It's Not Easy, Being Eliminated

Trevin, upon hearing that he is safe, is completely endearing and grateful. I don't know why they even put him there. Complete garbage if you ask me. It was probably obvious from that final three to Cody and Dez that they were going home. Trevin is The Voice.

So what happens now? Team Christina is at a big, whopping, goose egg when it comes to producing winners, or sound judgment. The rest of the coaches are tied at two, and Blake seems to be getting lucky with appealing artists again. I think next week, unless something stunning happens or Christina stops being so sour, we'll see Amanda Brown and Terry McDermott or Nicholas David get the axe. Eventually, if everything goes according to projections, it will come down to Cassadee Pope and Trevin Hunte. I miss Cody already, and I hope he's ignoring Christina's texts.

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