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Shakira made a "Go Okies" pennant to support the brothers. Usher says the Swon Brothers found the girl part in their voice and all that was missing was the third BeeGee. Is Usher throwing some shade over there? Usher compliments them without really being effusive, a good strategic move. Why are we even bothering with Shakira? Shakira says "go Okies" and she liked it and "this new you, this falsetto quite suits you very well." Adam says the Swon Brothers told him they were doing this song for him because they know he's a huge fan of The Eagles. Oh brother. Blake says this is the best season of The Voice so far. Blake congratulates the Swon Brothers on their constant evolution, but that was the problem with a lot of artists on Team Adam. We have to know what you are and why we should like you.

The finale artists will also be singing their "break-out moment" songs, or the songs that made America first take notice. First to perform hers, is Michelle Chamuel, who is obviously singing "True Colors." Usher delivers a special message to Michelle, and reveals the twist that Michelle will not be singing "True Colors," but "(I Knew You Were) Trouble" by Taylor Swift. Crack!

Michelle is wearing her Michael Jackson Thriller jacket and performing this song better than the original and possibly better than the first time she did it. Usher makes a big show out of enjoying it, so much so that it almost comes off as insincere. I don't know, Usher's hard to read. I don't know that this performance is any better, actually. Michelle seems a little tired, just from what we've come to expect from her.

Shakira compliments Michelle's energy. She does not have a pennant for Michelle. Shakira says she can tell that Michelle "means it out there." Adam agrees that you can't fake Michelle's energy and artistry. Blake says this is reality for Michelle. Usher says years from now they will be able to look back on this footage and enjoy the memories. I feel confident that Usher will keep in touch.

In that Skybox up in the air, Christina Milian is all out of material. She has little to say outside of "go Okies!" Then she asks them a question out of Carson's book (notepad full of scribbles), "what is your favorite part of this experience?" These are the questions that matter. I want to know if anyone thinks they're saying anything original or interesting.

Danielle Bradbery sings next with her coach, Blake Shelton. But first, Blake meets Danielle's family in a giant cow hide-themed living room. Please tell me Blake actually lives there. It is the most preposterous collection of furniture. We get it, you sing country. Blake discusses country music with Danielle's country-loving family. You know who hates this country? Adam.

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