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Season 4 – Live Final Performances

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Timber, I'm Falling Asleep

The are all performing "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Photos of them are illuminated on screens behind them, which open up to reveal the Top 16ish, some more full of grudge than others. No one really knows what to do with this performance. I'm happy to see they put Sarah Simmons in another caftan, though. Who are some of these people? Does it matter?

It's not over yet. Usher and Michelle Chamuel have a family meeting before singing a duet. Usher took Michelle, Michelle's cousin Dave, and Michelle's mom to a restaurant to talk about singing and Egypt. Usher sees a lot of potential in this friendship. Did Dave order an entire bird for himself?

Singing "One" by U2, Usher and Michelle celebrate friendship one more time. They sound really good together, I love this. Usher is very good at interacting and putting on a show. This is the best duet/group performance of the night.

In the fortuitous final performance of the night, Danielle Bradbery is poised to clinch the whole thing with her solo. Just like the Taylor Swift we once loved, Danielle can't believe all this is happening to her. Her final song will be "Born to Fly" by Sara Evans. This is a great choice, and Blake knows it.

Danielle leans against a faux wishing well, casually nailing every note. There's a little bit of happiness, a little confidence, in her eyes, but it's mostly nerves. She still darts around and looks unconvinced by herself. Maybe Blake can work with her on that after she wins this show. She can return next season, completely connected to the lyrics she's singing. The whole experience is surreal, but so is the existence of this show, so it makes sense that she could win.

Usher says it's clear that Danielle did a great thing by choosing to go with Team Blake and she is truly a special thing. Adam says he doesn't know what else he could possibly say. Her perfection is boring to him. Blake closes out this season's glut of meaningless comments with, "I'm one of the millions of people out there that you have wrapped around your finger and thank God you came to The Voice." Favorites much?

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