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I keep forgetting about Kris Thomas, but he seems quite popular. Cee Lo is here to help him alongside Shakira this time. Shakira chose "Adorn" by Miguel to show Kris's sexy side. I'm not familiar. Kris says the song is the opposite of what he's going through because his relationship isn't going well. Cee Lo tells him that doesn't really matter, just be confident and have swag.

This song is not sexy, it's a little skanky, especially with that big band backup. I don't know the song, but I can only think this is what a good wedding singer would sound like. He even has the blue suit jacket. Adam says it was great but he wants to be as honest as possible and there were a couple dodgy spots. Usher offers that Kris was thinking too much and it showed, and Shakira should have chosen a better song. Shakira flies off the handle, responding to criticism that wasn't even uttered. That Latin passion causes Usher to hide behind his chair.

Christina Milian is back in the Skybox. She isn't allowed to leave until she talks about Twitter at least four times. She tells Danielle about a Tweet from Jo Dee Messina, then asks Sasha, via Twitter, if they will be seeing any Shakira dance moves. What a dumb question.

Sarah Simmons used to sing with a hard rock scream band in early high school. She's tired of ballads and wants to show off her sassy side with a Jessie J song. The song is a little all over the place in rehearsal, so Hillary and Adam have a lot of help to offer. Sasha isn't sure what type of artist she is yet, but she managed to avoid a caftan for the second week in a row. Mostly.

Her performance of "Mama Knows Best" is actually quite spectacular on stage, and I can see why they were saving it for the latter performances. It's fun and shows a lot more personality in Sarah. It's better than we have come to expect from her, which sets her apart from the other artists this time.

Blake says it was sexy and cool and very rock. Adam laughs like a psychopath. Usher says Sarah gave some great energy. Adam fans himself, perhaps as an homage to Season 3 Christina Aguilera. Adam calls it the performance of the night. I'm inclined to agree, even though we haven't heard from Michelle Chamuel yet.

Michelle Chamuel always looks so cool in her sparkly tuxedo jackets and cool shirts. She's singing a Pink song again, "Just Give Me a Reason," which is a great choice for her. This song is immensely popular right now, so that can't hurt either. Pharrell tells Michelle she's a monster singer and means it as a high compliment.

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