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The Heat is On, the Air is Off

Sasha sings in front of a set piece designed to look like a giant, broken window. I don't understand this choice. I don't quite get the choir background and cello accompaniment either, one of the best things about this song is when the electric edge kicks in. The arrangement is all choppy, too, and the emotion comes on too soon. The vocal performance is good, though, Sasha does what she can with it.

Adam tells Sasha that she's miraculous and reminds everyone that he had her first. Adam says Sasha is amazing and Usher and Blake are idiots. Usher, who clearly has a crush on Sasha, tells her the theatrics were needed and she took it to church. That is a neutral statement. Shakira says Sasha has one of the best voices she's ever heard, and plugs buying the song on iTunes again. She's going for that iTunes vote.

Christina Milian emerges from her ice bath to talk to eight contestants at once. Well, seven of them just stand there, and Danielle Bradbery answers a question. Blake is the best coach ever, apparently, because he buys their love with new guitars. Christina shares the TwitPic and we move on.

Josiah Hawley is next to sing out of most of his mouth. Josiah wants to sing "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script. It's a pretty acoustic song already, but Josiah is taking it very stripped down so we can hear him almost hit those notes and slur over all the words. It might just be best to turn the sound down and just watch the performance.

There is a place for Josiah Hawley in the music market today, but it's probably as the frontman for a band, not as a solo artist and product of The Voice. To his credit, Josiah hits all the notes successfully in this song. It's just not as exciting as some of the stuff the other contestants can bring to the table at this point.

Adam, who shouldn't bother wearing polo shirts, or shirts at all, tells Josiah they found the sweet spot for his voice. The heat has made everyone crazy and want to comment strictly on Josiah's wardrobe. Blake says Josiah is dressed like Adam and this is his favorite Josiah performance to date. Usher congratulates Josiah on pushing for the acoustic version of the song and calls Josiah a young Adam. I'm sure Adam won't like that.

Danielle Bradbery is already America's sweetheart. She wants to do Country/Pop crossover stuff, for the diversity of Blake's team. Blake gave Danielle a Carrie Underwood song called "Wasted" to sing this week. Nobody has found Danielle's limits yet as a singer.

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