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The Heat is On, the Air is Off

Adam tells Kris his song was a task that he rose to and congratulates him on that. Blake says Kris always pushes it to the extreme and that's why he's still here. Usher still wants to coach Kris, and gives him a little constructive feedback but tells him "no risk, no reward," in the end. Shakira loves Kris, and everyone on her team.

The last performance of the night belongs to Amber Carrington of Team Adam. She wants to be a pop/country crossover artist, and chose "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride for herself. Adam says when anyone feels that much passion for a song they should do it. To tie it all together, Amber is dedicating the song to her mom, who passed away from cancer.

Does Amber have extensions in this week? They look weird. I don't know this song very well, but can't help thinking Danielle or Holly might have sang it better. Amber just put herself in direct competition with Holly, and I think this week it went better for Holly. The performance feels short, or like it never managed to go anywhere.

Blake tells Amber she did Martina and country music proud. Usher sees an incredible career ahead of Amber whether or not she wins this show. Shakira compliments Adam on the song choice, forgetting that it was Amber's choice. Adam tells Amber he admires her for singing a song so personal, and thinks she can do anything with her voice. Everyone is tired, and still hot, and the moisture wicking in Adam's shirt is about to give way.

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